Autumn Activities

Half term already, and we’re definitely in Autumn now. We have carried on getting outside as much as possible before it gets very cold because we know how much our students gain from engaging with the world around them. Recently I spent time with Gold Base outside in our school garden as they collected the leaves of different plants. Their evident enjoyment at being outside and exploring was a delight to see. They had been learning about ‘big’ and ‘small’ and were now applying this to a practical context. So many skills were being used - looking for and identifying leaves, picking up tiny leaves, matching and sorting and then counting them. Everyone was busy!  Each week a group of students go to St Ives to take part in a Forest Schools session; they have a great time, get muddy and take part in practical activities outdoors. Some of our students amaze us during these sessions; they are more confident, more willing to try new things and seem very at home in this environment. We also see this when our sixth formers tend the allotment; we have been impressed by how well they have tidied up for Winter and the way in which they have worked as a team. We were reflecting on this at the Parents' meeting this week where everyone seemed to find that their child was happiest when outside and busy.
Have a good holiday.

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