Exploring Polar Regions

On Friday Hazelbeck School explored ‘The Polar Regions’ through our Cultural Awareness day. All the key stages took part and organised activities closely linked to the customs and culture of those inhabiting the Polar Regions.
Some bases looked at the animals which live and thrive in this area, such as the polar bear, walrus, penguin and seal. We used drama to tell stories of how these animals survive here. Other bases looked at the life of Inuit people and the way they live in this icevery harsh and cold environment. polar12Students built igloos out of bottles and boxes and practised rebuilding them accurately as the Inuit do. They made hats and took part in dances which are still to this day used by the Inuit. In the afternoon some bases came together to share a special Inuit flat bread which they made through a Food Tech session, they also made fruit and berry ice lollies. Pink Base students had a fantastic time exploring the cold - they all dressed up in warm clothes and explored huge blocks of ice! The day came to a close by sharing all the engaging activities with all of Hazelbeck through our Friday Assembly.
What a busy, interesting and vibrant day it was, thank you to all our fantastic students and staff.

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