Arts Week

Once again Hazelbeck’s Arts Week has been a resounding success! Our students began their Arts journey 2017 with each Base focusing on an animal which tied in with our Animals and Patterns theme. art leopardThere were so many creative activities, 2D and 3D sculptures, sensory pictures and sensory dance activities from our PMLD bases.
Richard Priestley from the Grand Theatre & Opera House in Leeds delivered a fantastic music and drama workshop with animal sounds and movements as a theme and Rhiannon & Sangita from the Balbir Singh Dance Company headed a full afternoon of dance based on story-telling and Indian dancing. The latter took our students by surprise but as usual they all rose up to the challenge by either taking active part or by being supported to keep a rhythm with their hands, feet or listening to rhythmical instruments. Both workshops were inspirational and engaging and gave our students the chance to be exposed to real and positive creative fish

During the week students also had the opportunity to explore Maori Culture through our Cultural Awareness day. They took part in and were spectators to the traditional Haka Dance, they handled resources from New Zealand and delved in to the history of this fantastic part of the world. Orange Base even created their own Taniwha - a mystical Maori creature that lives in water.
giraffeThe week came to a close in style with our pop-up Art Exhibition in Hazelbeck hall which gave every single student the opportunity to be part of each other’s creative success. The result of all their hard work was breath-taking for all to see. Starting with the wonderful Swan Lake dance video from our delightful PMLD students to the huge 15ft giant giraffe, the sensory fish, butterflies, paintings and models of tigers and leopards and our amazing 'Elephant Trunk Nebula' mod rock sculpture.
A special mention must go to the 3D gorilla boxes crafted by our Sixth Form which were very detailed as were all the other beautifully made and presented pieces.
To our fantastic student community constantly striving to learn through the Arts, thank you and also a huge thank you to every single member of staff who support and inspire our students with such energy here at Hazelbeck.  We are all such a formidable team!
Click here to visit our online Art Gallery and click here to find out more about  Creative Arts at Hazelbeck

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