Welcome back

It’s always great to get back and see everyone again after the summer holiday, particularly the students. They have all returned this week looking, as ever, very happy and excited to be back at school. For our new students everything is very different but we know that once they have settled in it will be as though they were always here.

 In July our group of leavers achieved some great things before they went, not least in terms of exam results which were very strong. Many of them also organised and led their sixth form Prom, took part in a residential visit to London, took on a wide range of leadership roles and generally grew in maturity and confidence.

We know that our new Year 7 students will be able to achieve the same things in time. We will help them by making sure they get the chance of watching others in leadership roles and then following their example. Hazelbeck is a school full of opportunities, and I look forward to see our new intake as they find their feet and become ‘Hazelbeck Learners’.


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