World Book Day

On Friday, students and staff at Beckfoot and Hazelbeck Learning Community celebrated World Book Day. Everyone was invited to dress up as a character from a book: Wally was spotted on numerous occasions throughout the building, Harry Potter and Hermione visited from Hogwarts and Luigi travelled from the Mushroom Kingdom (but without his more illustrious brother Mario!). The mighty Thor came from Asgard, Violet Beauregard was as spoilt as ever (but without her gum!) and the Cat in the Hat came to wreak havoc.
We also had a visitor who came in to Hazelbeck to do some interactive storytelling sessions with our students. This helped to make the day more meaningful for them and they loved being part of the sessions, which involved the use of sound, movement and touch. At the end of the day, some students were lucky enough to perform their story in assembly.
All students were given a book voucher, entitling them to a free World Book Day book or £1 off a book. Have a look at the voucher (or the WBD website) to see where it can be used and take advantage of the offer - not only is the ability to read an important life skill, reading to your child can get them interested in books and provides relaxation.

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