A Team Elections

The A Team is an elected group of students who work to make their school a better place for all. In previous years, they have held fun days and raised funds through cake sales among other initiatives, all of which are student led. This year, students were invited to apply for the A Team by creating a short manifesto explaining three things they would do to help make Hazelbeck a better place. We had over thirty applicants from around the school. Ideas ranged from hosting a pool party, a Hazelbeck bake-off, a staff car wash, creating a range of lunchtime and after school clubs and many more.
Students bravely came to the front in assembly and read out their manifestos to the rest of the school. All students then exercised their democratic rights by casting votes to decide the make up of this year's A Team... all the succesful candidates will be revealed after the half term.
Good luck to all those who entered!



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