Arts Award

Arts Award Explore: Visit to Harewood House and Frank Walker Exhibition

In October Orange Base students had a fantastic opportunity to further develop their understanding and skills from the art sessions that they have taken part in from the beginning of term by visiting Harewood House. The second part of their Arts Award Explore project has focused on painting trees and particularly on the works of Frank Walter, an Antiguan artist whose paintings are exhibited in the Ingleby Gallery at Harewood until the end of October. The project has linked in well with our ‘Around the World’ topic which continues for next half term and covers many different aspects of the world around us.

The students spent some time identifying some of the paintings by looking at their colours and reading the detailed descriptions, before looking around the house to learn about some the historical facts which they found very interesting. They had an opportunity to dress up in Victorian clothing as a taster of how it might have been to be a maid or a butler in the big House.  After lunch they walked around the grounds and visited the animals and birds which are kept there, some of which were familiar and some of which were completely new to them, such as the penguins and the pink flamingos.
The trip sought to consolidate what the students have learnt so far in their art sessions, but it did so much more as the whole class was able to experience an important aspect of our history, the importance of caring for our heritage sites and how  different people from around the world express themselves by using different artistic means.  Well done Orange Base.

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