Purple Base Pumpkins!

Purple Base have been looking at the sights, sounds, smells, textures and tastes of autumn.   
A rich source of experiences was examining squashes and pumpkins.  Who would have thought that there are so many varieties with different textures of skin, colours, shapes and tastes?

Students loved exploring them, rolling them in paint and shaving foam, banging them on drums and sitting amongst them in our sensory tray.  We tasted and manipulated a variety of  ways of preparing the pumpkin flesh - cooked, spiralized, pureed, roasted - and we squeezed bags of the seeds and innards! We also made soup from squash and pumpkin (we preferred the squash soup). Finally, on Halloween we pushed out carved shapes from pumpkins, felt inside them and put a tealight inside to watch the flickering candles light up the shapes and faces.


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