Exploring Salts Mill

Earlier this term Orange Base visited Salts Mill in Saltaire in order to personally take a closer look at the paintings of David Hockney which are exhibited there.
The students have been developing their artistic skills which have focused on some of the more famous paintings of the Hockney collection. These were adapted for students so that they could practice their techniques and work towards their Arts Award Explore which is part of their accreditation.

The huge paintings were so colourful, the students were totally taken aback at how vivid the colours were and how well they depicted the seasons.

All the students were fully engaged and immersed in the Art Exhibition and were able to answer and attempt to ask many questions about the paintings and the Mill itself. It was wonderful to see them all so attentive and engaged.

The day ended with lunch at a nearby garden centre and a visit to Santa which was a special treat for the students and just one of the highlights of our fantastic day.


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