Science Week

So many things happened at Hazelbeck School during Science week!
This year's theme was 'Journeys', every class took part and across the school there was so much excitement. Some classes worked together to plan journeys, testing theories and materials to see which made a better parachute, aeroplane or car. It was also fun testing them out over the balconies in school. Some classes went on journeys using their senses, some took journeys through nature in the garden, some classes even went on a journey back in time and explored fossils and dinosaurs. A T-Rex named Sophie came to school and everyone came to the hall to meet her!
We also had the animals from ZooLab, we really loved handling them and learning all about them and their habitats. The most popular animal of the day seemed to the African Hedgehog named Prickles. We are all looking forward to next year's Science Week already!

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