Having a Voice

It’s very important to us that our students have a voice. In a very literal way this can be seen through speaking and listening activities that take place during each school day. Some students are learning to speak more clearly or to use complex sentence structures, while other students use pictures, gestures or computer technology in order to communicate and need to learn to use them in a functional way.  ‘Having a voice’ for our students also means making choices, both within lessons and across the school day. It also means that we empower students to have a say in what happens to them, through leadership activities and through opportunities to go out into the wider community. For example, some of our sixth formers have been to London on a residential visit this week and have learned more about our system of governance and how to vote.  At lunchtime today I joined the choir and drama group who were practising for their summer show; it’s going to be a musical extravaganza. They performed a song and dance routine for me which was truly stunning. The absolute joy on the faces of everyone who was taking part was incredibly moving – one of those moments that sends shivers down your spine. I’m really looking forward to the show in July, and to watching our young people perform and use their voices in front of an audience. Hope that you will join us then.
Have a good Bank Holiday weekend.

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