Robot Invasion!

As a closure to our 'Robots' topic students from the Orange area were invited to enter a Robot competition which highlighted imaginative and creative skills. Over a period of weeks leading up to the competition students created a variety of robots using electronic devices put together during small group work and other individual robots created collectively within class bases. All the entries were superb, the standard of the robots and the imagination behind their design was very high. The level of pride and enthusiasm was visible during the competition with all staff and students rooting for their own entries but also showing pride and admiration for the work of other classes. John Boyle, an avid robot creator and assembler, came in to judge the robot with Blue Base the winners, although any of the robots had the potential to be chosen. John brought in R2D2, his own model robot, to show and inspire the students. It was a brilliant event which gave students and staff the opportunity to come together and celebrate hard work, dedication and independent thinking. Well done to everyone involved.


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