National Recycling Week 2019

At Hazelbeck we have been doing our part to Recycle, Reuse & Reduce. This week students have been taking part in different activities relating to recycling as part of the National Recycling Week. Staff were doing their part too as role models, making sure they put their lunch waste into the correct bins, using their own cups instead of paper ones and even making books marks from old books.
Please take a look at our fantastic work and the pictures below.

Yellow Base
Students took it in turns to do some playground litter picking. Another group sorted what they found within the recycling tubs from each class and sorted accordingly. All the students listened to Greta Thunberg, the Swedish activist, at the UN and learnt about how to recycle properly and where most of our recycling goes.

Teal Base

Students made office files from cereal boxes. They enjoyed using papier-mâché to cover the original print and then painted their own designs. The students were proud of their creations and wanted their files to be used - the boxes can now be seen in various offices around school.

Orange Base
Students did some work on different recyclable items and which recycling bin they would go in, eg. sorting materials and items. They also recycled plastic bottles, following instructions to make them into sensory bottles.

Sky Blue Base
Students decided to recycle some of the materials we found on site. We found 6 pallets that were waiting to be taken to the dump, as well as a lot of old chairs with cushions on. We decided to make a sofa to leave outside in the sensory garden for people to sit on at break and lunch times. We sanded the pallets, painted them and then screwed the cushions in. We hope people enjoy sitting on the sofa!

Pink Base

Students chose to stick and glue, paint, and print recycling posters.

Silver Base

Students have been supporting the local community and environment by undertaking a litter pick in St Ives and helped clear the school allotment including composting. Students have researched the impact of plastic on the environment and looked at what items can and can’t be recycled.


Lilac Base

Students have been finding a way to reuse the scrap paper in our school and reduce the amount we use. Using old techniques students made new paper from old scrap paper.

Bronze Base

Students noticed a few weeks ago that parts of the sensory garden had litter there. We decided to do a litter pick. We sorted this into recycling and waste and took it to the recycling bin.


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