Story Corner

Click on the links below to view story and song videos from Hazelbeck's Story Corner:

Horrid Henry's Holiday, part 1 read by Shelley
Horrid Henry's Holiday, part 2 read by Shelley
The Very Hungry Caterpillar read by Caitlin, signed by Pam
Old Macdonald had a Farm sung by Ruth
Green Eggs and Ham read by Sam
George's Marvellous Medicine, read by Julia: chapter 1; chapter 2; chapter 3; chapter 4; chapter 5; chapter 6; chapter 7, pt 1; chapter 7, pt 2; chapter 8; chapter 9/10chapter 11; chapter 12; chapter 13; chapter 14; chapter 15 (pt1); chapter 15 (pt2)
A Squash and a Squeeze read by Rachael, signed by Grace and Lydia
Who Ever Heard of a Tiger in a Pink Hat? read by Jonathan
Dick Whittington read and signed by Kelly
Not Now Bernard read by Hannah
Naughty from Matilda the Musical performed by Annice and Sophie (assisted by Benji and Jessie)
Horrid Henry's Computer read by Shelley
Room on the Broom read by Anthie, signed by Lauren
Because I Stubbed My Toe read by Loredana
Do Not Take Your Dragon to Dinner read by Loredana
The Cat in the Hat read by Sam
Cinder the Bubble-Blowing Dragon read by Jonathan
Hazelbeck and the Holiday Not read by Shelley
The Animal Boogie sensory story with Ruth
Horton Hatches an Egg read by Jo
On the Beach sensory story with Ruth
The Pig in the Pond read by Hannah

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