Ruth’s Canalside Walk

On Saturday, when it should have been our school Summer Fair, I walked along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal from the Fisherman’s Pub on Wagon Lane towards Liverpool. 
I challenged colleagues and pupils to guess how far I would walk and which lock I would be nearest to. I walked for 2 hours and covered 9.55km - did you guess the correct distance?
The path was flat and easy (apart from the hill by the Five Rise Locks).  It is great for wheelchairs, walking, buggies and bikes. There are so many interesting things to see on a canal.  There are lots of access points to get onto the canal so you might want to only walk for 30 minutes rather than 2 hours. There are some photos of some sights below. What can you spot on the canal?
After 2 hours walking I had arrived at a place called Holden Park, just below Alder Carr Wood. There are very few locks on this stretch, so actually the nearest lock was near the beginning - the famous and amazing Five Rise Locks.
What is your favourite part of the canal?

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