Return to school in September

Dear Parents/Carers,
I hope you are well and keeping safe.  As you know we will be opening our doors to all of our students in September and look forward to welcoming them back.  In fact, we are really excited to see everyone and have our whole community back.  For some of you, this will be your child starting at the school, for others it will be returning after a VERY long period of your child not being in school.  Whichever, we welcome you.

We hope that the pack you receive will help you and your child to prepare for the new school year.  We hope that you find the transition information both useful and informative. We hope that it will also give you an idea of the safety measures that school is putting into place to make sure your child is as safe as possible while in school.

We will also be sending you a home school agreement via text/email which must be completed
There will also be a wellbeing survey and it would be helpful if you could complete this to help us understand what it has been like for your child and you as a family during lockdown.
Click here to read the Hazelbeck Home School Agreement and click here to complete the Home School Agreement for 2020.
Click here to complete the Hazelbeck Covid-19 Wellbeing Survey.

We know that each family and child will have had a different experience of lockdown and it may have impacted them in different ways.  We know it is essential that we acknowledge this and take it into account.  During the first half term returning to school we will be working on a recovery curriculum.  This is based on five principles:

  1. Re-establishing relationships, values, routines and boundaries
  2. Getting to know a new or changed space and re-establishing and understanding our new school community
  3. Assessing where students are at. Where they have made progress and where their gaps are and whether their learning intentions are still appropriate
  4. Identifying new ways that students may have been learning. Supporting students to get back into learning
  5. Time and space – understanding and giving our students time to readjust to learning and life in school.

We are excited about the joys and challenges of our school community being back together and are looking forwards to working with you to achieve the best outcomes for your child.

Until September, have a good ‘holiday’ and we look forward to welcoming your child back with open hearts and smiles on our faces in September.

Kind Regards,
Beth McPhail

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