Student Leadership

Student Leadership opportunities at Hazelbeck 

Assembly We have an Assembly every Friday, led by a different base each week. Students have the opportunity to lead the Assembly either by showing their work or highlighting an issue that is important to them.

School Choir
The school choir leads the whole school in singing the school song in Assembly every week. Members of the choir rehearse twice a week in Enrichment time so that they can learn a range of songs using voice, signing and AAC devices.

Waiters and Waitresses 6th form students take on the role of waiters and waitresses at lunchtimes. They are interviewed for their posts, which gives them some very useful experience. Their duties include setting out places in the hall, assisting students to choose their meals, collecting the meals from the canteen and taking them to students.
Finally, after their lunch, they tidy away the equipment and symbol flashcards that are used.

PALS (Playground Activity Leaders)
Students from across the school are selected to apply for the roles of Playground Leaders. They are responsible for the leading and organising outside activities at lunchtime.  Each day a different team runs activities for students to take part in - lunchtimes are great fun!

Hazelbeck Hawks The Hazelbeck Hawks are a group of students whose role is to look out for anyone who doesn’t seem happy or who is alone at playtime. They will then go and talk to that student, or help them to be included in a game. They need hawk-like eyes to spot students who are alone and good listening skills because the student might want to be by themselves.