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Children & Learning

Sensory Learners Curriculum

This curriculum relates specifically to our Sensory (PMLD) learners.

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The curriculum recognises that this group of young people have unique ways of learning and that they are likely to remain within developmentally early intellectual parameters for the whole of their school lives. The curriculum therefore needs a different approach to other learners in the school.

Sensory Overview


  • Engagement
  • Communication
  • Independence

Underpinning the key drivers is the belief that through building trusting and meaningful relationships with staff we able to support widening a student’s world.  In turn, students learn that they can have some control over their environment and they have a voice which leaders to increased independence.

Our curriculum does not instruct what or how to teach as we believe this is personal to each individual student.  It is up to the individual students’ teacher to decide what is or is not appropriate and write this into the learning plans for each individual. The student must be at the centre of the educational process. It is not the responsibility of the student to change to meet the demands of the curriculum; it is the responsibility of those providing the curriculum to ensure that it is flexible enough and adaptable enough to meet the needs of each student.

There are three areas that we believe are essential to focus on in order to design an appropriate curriculum for Sensory Learners.

  1. The way we work and interact with a student
  2. The way we communicate with a student
  3. The way we provide an engaging and appropriate environment for students.

Our curriculum focuses on four main areas:

  1. Cognition
  2. Communication
  3. Personal and Social Development
  4. Physical Development

Learning for all four of these core strands could happen at any point throughout the day and are delivered through different activities that are motivating to each individual student.  Skills from each strand should be integrated through different activities and there should multiple and repeated opportunities for students to use these skill with increasing independence in a variety of settings. Although there are some suggested activities this is not exhaustive and teachers are encouraged to be as creative as possible, observing carefully what motivates each individual student when determining what activities they will use.

The Four Strands

Assessment and accreditation

Sensory students are assessed using the A Range of iASEND.  In Key stage 3 and 4 they can work towards the Arts Award Discover and ASDAN Personal Progress.  In the Sixth form they work towards ASDAN Transition Challenge.