Excited about Learning

There has been a great sense of energy in school this half term, with plenty of activities to banish the dark cold days. Some of our students started the half term with a visit to the STAR Centre in Keighley to launch their Space topic. This week they reflected on what they have learned when Mobile Stars came to the school to take them on a journey through space in their Planetarium. It was a great experience for everyone and gave them a chance to sample what it feels like to be in space, as well as learning more about the planets and stars.

Another real highlight of this half term has been the Arts Week, when we not only invited artists into school but also encouraged students to be creative through music, dance and art. The week culminated in a truly stunning exhibition of the arts, which included 2D and 3D art as well as dance. Everyone enjoyed visiting and there was a real sense of awe and wonder from staff and students alike at the superb quality of everything on display. Naturally we have continued to display some of the work around the school and I am lucky enough to have some 3D wild animals outside my office.
Those are just two examples of special events that have involved the whole school, but every day I see a genuine excitement about learning. It is evident right across the school, in both staff and students. The pride that everyone takes in their achievements is an important part of what makes Hazelbeck feel like such a great community.

Have a good break.


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