The Way Back Home Show!

During their Imagination topic Red Base learnt about the story of the little boy stranded on the Moon who makes friends with a little green Martian who also happened to find himself lost on the Moon. After listening to the story, aided by a short visual clip and using lolly stick type puppet pictures, the students had the opportunity of bringing 'The Way Back Home' to life by acting it out with bigger props they had created during their art sessions. Light and sound were also incorporated and each student took part either by flying the spaceship or the aeroplane onto the Moon, shining a light source onto the reflective material, or by helping the little boy descend back to Earth via a colourful parachute.
The last scene shows one of our students helping the little boy listen carefully to the special message from the Martian to his friend from a faraway galaxy. A very simple story with great scope and a heart- warming ending.

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