Developing Life Skills

Summer is here at last, and students have been out and about, enjoying the outdoors while learning. It has been a short half term, but we have packed lots into it.

As I write, a group of students are taking part in a three day residential visit to Kielder Water. We have planned more residential visits for next half term. We know that our students learn so much from spending time away from their usual routines while doing different and exciting things.

This half term our focus has continued to be for students to develop functional skills in order to prepare them for the future, along with Maths and English skills. Many students’ timetables include weekly visits into the community, making sure that these trips are purposeful, meaningful and that they support students in developing life skills. I love the fact that Red Base go into Bingley to buy potatoes; they use them to make cheesy baked potatoes which they sell each week – and they are very tasty! In the same way, Orange Base make delicious snacks such as pizza for us to buy, having first bought the ingredients in town. These are just a few examples of imaginative ways in which students have been involved in enterprise activities this year. Bronze Base have even made links with a building society in Bingley so that they can deposit money and develop some understanding about ways of saving their hard-earned cash.

Meanwhile, some students continue to access Forest Schools, which is a great way to apply skills to different settings, while others have been learning in the school outdoor areas. We have had some special events too; the two day visit from Purple Patch with their Purple Pod really stands out. We also held our termly R.E. Day which focused on water and the Songkran Thai water festival - lots of opportunities for getting wet, which would be very welcome in this warm weather!

Have a good holiday.


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