LS Lowry Exhibition

This half term, students in Orange Base have been studying the work of LS Lowry. We have learnt about the five Lowry colours, which he used to mix any colour he needed. We used our knowledge of colour mixing to create our own versions of famous Lowry paintings, such as The Old House and Yachts. We used a range of materials to create our work, including paints, pens, pencils and charcoals. We painted and coloured in matchstick men and used charcoal to draw our own.
We then created a city collage of our own in the style of Lowry. All of our hard work culminated in an exhibition. We invited all bases in school to come and see the work we had created. We sold sold keyrings, postcards and bookmarks we had made as well as tea, coffee and biscuits. We used our understanding of money, wrote receipts and gave IOUs to those who had forgotten their money and some students helped to show people around our exhibition.
It was a really fantastic event!


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