Snow Days


Well the world has certainly looked somewhat different for the last few days…while it looks beautiful it does cause chaos!  It is an extremely difficult decision as a Headteacher to decide whether the school should remain open and it is only with much deliberation and thought that the decision is made to close…thankfully it is rare that we have to do it.  On Tuesday we were happy to have opened, the school site was safe and from referring to the weather forecast we were able to make an informed decision that we could open for those students who were able to get in, a big thank you to our amazing staff team as well who all made sure that they were in school to work with our students…as you will have seen from our website our students took full advantage of learning from the weather and everyone got home safely at the end of the day! Unfortunately the weather yesterday and today has been a different matter and try as we might we could not make the site safe for students with a deteriorating weather forecast. Whilst attempts to clear the site from 4 o’clock onwards on both mornings were made they were not successful. A huge thank you to our Site Team for all their efforts.

I realise the problems that closing the school causes to many of our students; that change to routine is very difficult for many of our students to manage let alone the difficulties it causes to parents and carers.  However, in making the decision, there is a single priority; the safety of our students and the adults in our community.  We consider the condition of the site, the ability of students (and staff) to get to school safely and we have to be certain that we can get our students home at the end of the day.

Informing everyone as early as possible is then key. Again, a late decision to close is unhelpful for everyone involved. Hopefully information on the website, Bradford Schools Online, the Media and texts to parents and carers, have ensured that everyone knows quickly that school is not open. If you have had any difficulties in accessing this communication, please let me know.

As I write this, the weather for tomorrow looks unpredictable, there is an Amber weather warning in place and the LA has advised that schools remain shut.  There is already black ice and we have therefore made the decision to remain closed until Monday.  I am very sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause. Please keep your eye on the website for any further updates.

I thank you all for your patience and understanding.  Let’s hope for an improvement in the weather and the start of spring in earnest!  We will be putting some activities that you could do with your child on the website tomorrow morning.  In the meantime take care and if you have any photos of your children out in the snow or doing activities at home, please send them in for us to share on Monday.




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