Camp Hazelbeck

Teal Base and Yellow Base recently embarked on an adventure to Camp Hazelbeck at the Sconce Campsite in Baildon. Students explored the grounds, taking in the sights of nature and enjoying the lovely weather. They also undertook a range of team building activities, including: rounders, archery, team games, football, badminton, tent/den building. As the weather was so lovely, we decided to bring out the water slide! Students squirted each other with water and took turns to race down the slide. After a busy day, they settled down to have a meal together, before going outside for a sunset campfire, where we toasted marshmallows and had hot chocolate. The following day our students enjoyed a well deserved lie in and a big breakfast, before going on a nature walk over the moors. To finish off the experience, they had ice creams and played some more team games! 

Here are some student thoughts about the trip...
I enjoyed eating s'mores - they were delicious! - Ghulam
It was very peaceful and cool there - Aqsa
It was very, very awesome because we went on a waterslide - Nazim

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