RE Week – Mosque Visit

Students from the Orange Area had the opportunity to visit a local Mosque in Keighley last week to learn about the Muslim faith and facts about Islam. The visit coincided with our RE week and all the students in school participated in activities which gave them a broader insight into this religious observance.
Students were able to explore areas of the Emily Street Mosque and learn about how Muslim people pray on a day-to-day basis. The girls in the group wore headscarves as a sign of respect and they all took their shoes off at the entrance. They saw the magnificent chandelier made with hundreds of crystal droplets and sat on the carpeted areas and were shown how the younger generation read and study the Quran which is the most important text of Islam. All the students were extremely respectful of their surroundings and moved through the Mosque in a very mature manner. It was a fantastic visit, a big well done to all the students involved.

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