Punctuality: Every Minute Counts
We are grateful to parents who are making sure their child arrives at 8.45am, to be ready for Lesson 1, which starts at 9am. It is always a real shame to see students missing out on opportunities when they arrive late. 

Medical Appointments
We have seen a rise in parents taking their child out of school for medical appoitments for the entire day. We would prefer that medical appointments are made outside of school hours, but if this is not possible, please ensure your child is in school either before, or after the appointment.
Please do not be offended if we ask for evidence of the appointment; this is simply good safeguarding practice.

On the subject of safeguarding it is very important that we know the reason why a child is not in school as soon as possibe on the first day of absence. Please click here to refer to  absence notification information in our Safeguarding Reminder.

Medical Advice Booklet
At the end of last half term, we sent home a Medical Advice Booklet outlining advice for different illnesses. We are hoping that this will reassure you about when it is okay to send your child to school; for example, if they simply have a cold. If your child is mildly unwell, you can send them to school, safe in the knowledge that we can look after them and that we will always contact you if their condition worsens. Please note that 'tiredness' is not a reason to keep a child at home, and this will result in an unauthorised absence on your child's records.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can support you in any way regarding attendance.

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