RE Week

Students from the Orange area recently had the opportunity to visit the Shree Prajapati Hindu Temple in Little Horton Lane, Bradford as part of their RE week. The students knew the focus was Hinduism as they had taken part in various activities during the week which centred on the Hindu religion and allowed them to explore culture and customs, but they had never entered a Hindu Temple (Mandir).
They were truly in awe of the beautiful representation of the nine deities and watched people enter and ring the big brass bell above their head before making their offerings and chanting their prayers to the Gods. The students took part in a 10 minute music drum and chant before being presented with fruits and sugar water as a thank you gift. They found the whole experience almost spiritually fulfilling with one student commenting that he felt ‘good inside’. 
It was lovely to be in a completely different place of worship but special all the same, as always our Hazelbeck students have an innate ability to show empathy and respect in very different and unfamiliar settings. Well done to all involved. 

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