Sign of the Week, 2.3.20

At Hazelbeck our Communication offer is "A Total Communication approach to give each student a voice". This is supported by all of our staff team being trained in a range of communication approaches and a specialised Communication Team who are able to support communication practice across school. 
Total Communication may include the use of Intensive Interaction, object cues, signing systems, symbols/photos or switches to support students' understanding and provide opportunities to express themselves using alternative methods, as well as using speech when possible.

Our signing system at Hazelbeck is Makaton, which is a great way to support communication for all, including for young people who may also be able to use spoken words. To help everyone at school learn new signs, we have a ‘Sign of the Week’ which is a Makaton sign, or number of signs, that we introduce and focus on each week. Staff practise the signs as a team and the signs are used at every opportunity within the classrooms to support students to learn them as well. When we sign, we always say the word as well. Our Sign of the Week appears here on the Hazelbeck website each week to support families to practise the signs with their child at home too, so please keep checking regularly for updates. Let’s get everybody signing!
If you have any further questions or would like to discuss the communication strategies being used to support your child, please let a member of staff know and we'll be more than happy to make time to talk this through with you. 

Click on a word below to view our Sign of the Week video clips:

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